Open URL abuse blacklist feed

This project is run by The purpose of the project is to run a community-based URL blacklist based on different types of abuse including phishing, Hacked website, malware delivery content, etc.

Our goal is to help clean the Internet from content-based abuse (or atleast, doing our best). The blocklist is free and publicly accessible because we believe sharing is caring. If you think the same way, help us make the list more effective.

All the URLs are submitted by the community and contributors. We try to verify each submission, either by our system or manually, to make sure the list does not contain false-positive entries.

Why another blacklist feed?

Although other precious URL blocklist feeds exist, it doesn't stop others from running another one. Besides, most of them are paid, members-only or private. Some of them have free versions but usually the free version receives late updates. Most of the feeds are just URLs only without providing enough evidence for further investigations. Therefore, we decided to provide all the evidence required for further investigations, notifications and take-down actions.

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